Why We Do It

Providing Evidenced Based Practices

Why We Do It

Our secure video sessions are designed to meet the immediate needs of adults in the community as well as the special demands of the criminal justice system.  Seeking help is often a difficult process. Through the use of videoconferencing and in the privacy of the client’s home, meeting with a licensed counselor is now easily accessible. Our clients are given quick access to convenient appointments. We have daily, weekend and week night appointments available.

Our criminal justice system frequently requires that a mental health and substance abuse evaluation be completed.  The early offender population is at a critical point in their lives. With little or no history of previous offences they can be extremely concerned with what has led them to this crisis. These individuals may or may not have significant substance abuse problems. A meaningful intervention at this juncture, along with continued support and supervision by the criminal justice system can often make this the only crisis they experience. 

We will provide an action plan and a referral to an appropriate provider, if needed. With treatment programs report waiting lists in the hundreds, and others unable to meet the demand at all, by the time treatment is available, the person’s desire for treatment may have passed. Without the desire to change, the client is merely “going through the motions.” When people are motivated to seek treatment, it is either because of external or internal motivation. External motivation, or “coercion,” has been shown to have positive outcomes in the workplace, sports, and the justice system. A client-centic action plan is designed to support the client during supervision if, in fact, there must be a waiting period.

Court-mandated treatment has been shown to effectively increase treatment retention rates, increase number of days abstinent, and decrease crime. With a timely, positive introduction to the criminal justice system, a skilled counseling session can result in an effective collaborative plan designed to support the most positive outcome. Using this critical window of time can be utilized to drive a far more efficient and positive outcome for all involved. A client with clearer insights will help them navigate through what is often a confusing time in their lives.”

Two Rivers Evaluation follows the guidelines recommended by the Center for Effective Public Policy and the American Telemedicine Association.

The evaluation and treatment plan, using solution focused evidenced based practices can help to guide a more seamless structured approach. With this in place, waiting for acceptance into treatment programs can be more easily managed, individual issues can be addressed through activities within the home and community, communication with the client can be more specific to their particular needs and issues. Case management can be more meaningful and, ultimately, outcomes can be more positive.