FAQ Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

FAQ Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

How soon can I meet with a counselor and how do I make an appointment?

Just call us at 866-784-1276 or email: office@trevaluation.com . You should have an appointment within one week.

How do I schedule an appointment?

We have a secure schedule that we email to you. You can then see all the appointments that are open. Our schedule offers many time frames including weekends and evenings. Filled appointments are hidden from viewing. In this way we protect your privacy. If you have been referred to us through a court order we must first receive your “consent to exchange information” forms. See: How to Make an Appointment.

Do you provide Drug and Alcohol Evaluations outside of New Jersey?

Our service provides New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Evaluations as well as those requested by courts in other states. Our counselors are licensed in New Jersey.   Our video service allows you to do the evaluation wherever you have the privacy to conduct a video session. This can be in your home or any private room.

Are all of your evaluations done through video?

Nearly all of our evaluations are done with video. Most of our clients prefer the convenience and privacy. On occasion we have had requests to do the evaluation in our office which we can do as well.

Can I use my cell phone for the video session?

No. Although cell phones can be used for synchronous video interaction, we do not support the use of them for this purpose since they do not provide the security we need for HIPAA. You may use an ipad or tablet or any computer with a built in or external webcam.

How will you protect my privacy?

That is one of the benefits of HIPAA secure video sessions. Considerable societal stigma exists toward people with addictive disorders. Appearing in a public place is often avoided even if the desire for help is present. This is particularly true after a first arrest where the individual has no previous history of substance abuse or mental health problems.

For clients who do have a history, the video session is a less confrontational approach. Many clients report feeling more at ease during the session. This can be very helpful in learning the most effective interventions especially if past attempts in recovery have failed.

Do you provide other treatment?

To avoid a conflict of interest we provide only adult drug and alcohol evaluations. We have ten years of experience providing drug and alcohol and mental health assessments for pre-trial interventions, probation and Drug Courts. We are affiliated with no other treatment providers. When we find our client is in need of treatment we will refer him/her those that are a “best fit” for their unique needs.

We are very aware that new (first time) offenders who are at low risk for recidivism can do poorly if forced to participate in intensive treatment. Higher risk offenders can have additional issues that may not be addressed in some programs.  By focusing only on the evaluation we are free to make any number of recommendations. There are many programs available in New Jersey. We will do our best to guide you to those who will best meet your specific needs.

Will my insurance cover the fee?

New Jersey ValueOptions and New Jersey Horizon BCBS now cover telemental health sessions. We provide a “Superbill” with all the correct codes for our service which you will submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Please check with your provider. Some of our clients choose not to submit to insurance to protect their privacy if this is a sensitive issue. Another option is to submit the invoice to an employment “flexible spending” account.

Court Ordered (post sentencing) and Probation referrals with drug charges usually have the option to apply the fee to their DEDR fund (Drug Enforcement Deferred Reimbursement.) Ask your probation officer how to submit our bill to the court’s financial office. A payment voucher can be applied before the appointment is set as well.

Payment is due when scheduling the appointment. For your security we use PayPal. They will process credit cards. Checks and money orders can be accepted if arrangements are made ahead.

The fee covers the complete service.  You do not need to repeat it. The session will be in depth.  Your counselor will discuss the recommended plan with you before sending the report to your referral source.

Will the drug and alcohol evaluation include a drug test?

Our drug evaluation does not include a urine screening which is the most frequently used method. Since urine screening is such a critical piece of supervision we are more comfortable leaving that in the hands of the experts.

However, we do recommend that court ordered clients arrange for one to be done before your court session. There are many urine testing services with varying degrees of accuracy. We recommend a screening that will cover a broad spectrum of substances. This will help to eliminate any doubt that the client has replaced the primary drug of choice with another.

A drug test can be ordered through a lab if the client is not already under court supervision. It is best if the results of a recent urine screen is presented with the report at court.

Why is an evaluation required for court?

Substance abuse and drug and alcohol dependence are commonly seen in criminal justice cases and are frequently comorbid with other medical and psychiatric disorders. Experienced clinicians are able to recognize the physiologic and behavioral signs of addiction. With public safety in mind it is important to make the appropriate diagnosis and develop a patient-specific plan for treatment and referral.

Why do court ordered clients need a referral source for a drug evaluation?

An adult in need of a court ordered mental health and substance abuse evaluation will have a person who will be representing you in court. This person is your referral source. This person may be your lawyer or your probation officer. The completed report will be presented to the court through them.